About correction graphs

If field “Measure and correct” is validated, subdirectory “Correction” is created to contain.wav files for FIR correction, respectively Left and Right in linear phase and minimal phase : xxx-hyblinL.wav, xxx-hyblinR.wav, xxx-hybminL.wav, xxx-hybminR.wav. Those files can be directly used for corrections.

Pages p7 to p9 are also created.

p7 Correction
Separated C1 measurements L and R and also L+R (C2 black)
FIR corrections C3 calculated from L, R and L+R and hybrid corrections C4 (same in lower frequencies and separated above)
C5 Phase correction
Simulated responses of L, R and L+R after FIR correction : C7 for separated corrections and C8 for hybrid correction
p8 Simulated ETC energy-time curve after correction for pre-echo visualisation
p9 Simulated wavelets for pre-echo visualisation