you deserve acoustic truth

No software to install
Straightforward even for amateurs


Automatic target adapted to your setup
Hybrid FIR filters for best bass response


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This website is about acoustic measurements of loudspeakers in rooms, for audio professionals but also for amateurs. You don’t need any software or knowledge to do the measurements but thanks to very complete results and graphs, even professional get all needed informations to understand and improve the measured audio systems. A FIR correction can also be automatically calculated for FIR processors (ie MiniDSP, streaming softwares,…).

You can start having a look at the All measurements page and compare performances of various systems..
For measuring, you need to register (it’s free) to access to the Upload recording where you can start with a free test. You just have to download and play the audio file and record with a microphone, preferably calibrated.

Depending on Chosen plan, calculated EQ corrections can be downloaded from My Measurements page. At the moment, we start with stereo systems, but soon measurement of multichannel audio system will be available.

Have a look at the FAQ for detailed informations.
Questions and comments have to be sent to support(at)loudspeakers.audio