Fill the upload form

  • Fields “Company or title” and “Studio” are used to rank measurements in a structure title/studio/date, date being automaticcaly written. So you can check evolution of performances in time and see any degradation. Important : do not use of company name for which you have no rights, your account may be terminated without notice.
  • Field “Reference, Studio” : a folder with this field will be created. For home users with just one audio system, you may leave this field empty or fill with “home” or “listening room” or “without correction”, “with correction”, aso. For companies with more than one studio, you may enter the Studio name. If you want to upload more than one measurement, it is better to do it in different folders, graphs are easier to read then. You can hide your measurements to other users if you add “PRIVATE” to your reference or studio name,
  • No accents or special characters in he fields « company » and « Reference, Studio », because those fields are used as directory names. Allowed characters are alphabets, numbers, space and underscore (_). No space or _ at start or end.
  • Field to choose Test/Measure/Correction : “Test” allows to verify if the record is valid to give correct measurements, even if you bought no plan.
  • “New correction” is possibility to keep all values of the form and just change “Timbre target” and/or “LF target” to reprocess. You may want to change the record name so not to loose old corrections and be able to compare.
  • To fill other fields, check other FAQs.
  • It is important to fill the form and save it before to upload your recording ! Otherwise you won’t get your graphs done.
  • And remember that all your fields values are saved for next time, so less work for you for future measurements !





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