Problems and errors ?

If you cannot get your measurements, there are many possible reasons :

  • if your folders names (company or title, studio,…) contains accents or special characters, graphs may not be calculated
  • the audio file may be missing the sync signal at start or may be too short at the end. There should be one second or more after the sync signal at the end.
  • microphone calibration file may not be conform : ie take the umik file from scratch, do not add any line even blank !
  • calibration file must also be in right order : frequencies must be increasing in all lines, with lower frequencies first
  • too long a path may be a problem because we use ftp copy for some files : so name of your company + name of studio or ref + name of your measurement file (or mic file if it is longer) must be less than about 180 characters
  • please avoid accents and special characters in folders or measurement names
  • no dots (.) in file names  : another dot than the one before the extension will prevent uploading. This is to avoid problems with double extensions.
  • Another problem seen quite often : right level is measured much lower than left level ! This may come from your computer or software. When the level is quite high, a level compression is automatically set and the recorded level of right channel (and also center channel) is lower because the compressor has been activated by the left channel signal !
  • for USB glitches, read FAQ about USB problems
  • If uploads don’t work, try another web browser (ie sometimes Chrome works better than Firefox)
  • do not send multiple recordings one after the other, preferably wait for complete graphs before sending a new one
  • if you don’t get graphs for a measurement, uploaded it another time but give it another name because successive uploads with same name are not processed
  • if problems when in french, change language to english : seems that with some browsers, it may help

For any problem, please get in touch with support(at)