13 january 2022 :

  • improved calculation of inter-channels level correction

12 january 2022 :

  • corrected bug in the “volume” and “distance” display on graph pages p0 and p1

11 january 2022 :

  • did a lot of code cleaning and some changes on various graphs

23 december 2021 :

  • within last month, there was a bug in the phase measurement where phase graphs scale was wrong and DRC linear phase correction was not optimised for phase(amplitude was fine)

20 december 2021 :

  • moved from Gnu Octave v5 to v6, and from Gnuplot graphics toolkit to qt toolkit : had to adapt many graph parameters
  • in p7, graph simulated “C6 step response after hybrid linphase correction” is wrong but i’m working on it

07 december 2021 :

  • changed range of spectrogram graphs S19 and S20 of p4 from 37dB to 30dB
  • modify steps plots in page p7 because of a bug in display

04 december 2021 :

  • changes in correction plots : added step responses before/after correction in page p7, corrected graphs in p8 depending on number of taps

05 november 2021 :

  • if for some reasons, the graphs are no calculated and shown, I’m working to give the user comprehensive reasons.

03 october 2021 :

  • I think that the Google problem and stucked graphs are solved but for now, you can only upload one file in a Studio at a given date.

23 september 2021 :

  • a real bug that sometimes avoided calculation of graphs was due to inconsistencies between Google sync and the Windows shell : sometimes the shell did not update changes. A bypass has been found and I hope it completely solves the problem.

17 september 2021 :

  • added “Dolby Atmos Music” as a new option for the target

10 september 2021 :

  • changed target .txt file to target.drc because the .txt could in certain cases be erroneously used as mic correction file

21 august 2021 :

  • improved compensation of player and recorder clocks
  • target files are now exported in “My measurements” folder so one can use the target with other softwares

03 june 2021 :

  • added mismatch compensation of player and recorder clocks (only use LA2v3 files)

20 may 2021 :

  • .json correction files are reformatted so to be used directly by QSys and Xilica processors

18 may 2021 :

  • Changed centering of response on S1 of page 1 because mic cal is now included. Centering is only calculated under 11.5khz so it should not change a lot but it may slightly change performance values.

17 may 2021 :

  • Changed page 6 (p6) validity test to page 0 (p0) with eventually error messages. This p0 is plotted even if record is not valid.

12 may 2021 :

  • Changes in crosscorrelation should solve some rare cases when sync signal was missed and analysis was skipped.

09 may 2021 :

  • solved :) a vicious bug that appeared only when target at some frequencies had decimals
  • solved : in some cases, room volume and distance were not shown on graph p1

08 may 2021 :

  • no more crash due to : mic cal files with phase, non monotonic cal files or cal files with blank lines

07 may 2021 :

  • solved some login problems due to SSL with not secured content (such as new images from new measurements)

05 may 2021 :

  • there were many problems when sending wrong files  (ie not conform calibration files, more than one recorded file at same time,…) so I’ve be trying to avoid that workflow gets stuck and no user gets his files !
  • some badly formatted calibration files are automatically replaced by flat response in process

25 april 2021 :

  • added “noenhanced” mod in gnu octave script to avoid characters enhancements with _ in names

22 april 2021 :

  • in case of no mic cal file, the response could have a 10dB shift : corrected
  • recording files are now accepted in stereo for .wav, .flac and .aiff

21 april 2021 :

  • added pages “Howto” and “Graphs explained”

15 april 2021 :

  • slightly changed some parameters in the delay of lin phase correction
  • cleaning of parameters of the upload form (recording, microphone cal,..) to get rid of problems that could avoid the process of the uploaded files

10 april 2021 :

  • improvements in accepted mic calibration files, ie last line can now be blank

9 april 2021 :

  • changed conditions for distance : now accept both “.” and “,” before decimals, max 4 characters instead of 3
  • if files are uploaded with a non valid form, blank fields are filled with default values in the calculation software

7 april 2021 :

  • correction of graphs S13 and S14 various gatings, that had an error with mic correction

31 march 2021 :

  • corrections for SMPTE, AES, B&K have been added for 5.1

30 march 2021 :

  • changes in LF target : in Auto Music mode, the real target being L+R, its value is set at +3dB above the choosen LFtarget. Also changed LFtarget values in form.

27 march 2021 :

  • modifications of performance rating calculation

23 march 2021 :

  • added B&K as target in the Upload Recording form

19 march 2021 :

  • bug correction : in some cases, measurements and/or correction files were L/R unbalanced by a few dB

13 march 2021 :

  • changed some “correction” graphs (with y axis +-18dB instead of +-9dB) so to better cope for various measurements and also, for clarification, deleted some graphs

08 march 2021 :

  • changes in the measurements list, down on page “Measurements” which was resetted to blank when starting new software version !
  • improvements in page 1 of graphs so that responses are better centered to 0dB

06 march 2021 :

  • changed some LF targets : you may have to fill again this field in the form
  • some bugs corrections