How to listen ?

The main problem before or after measurements and correction is the listening session. How can you avoid to be influenced by graphs, by forums, by friends ?

I can only give a few tips in the way of neutral sound:

  • listen preferably in mono with only one loudspeaker, timbral defaults are better heard in mono
  • maybe also try with one ear blocked (maybe strange but binaural listening has a kind of decoloration mechanism)
  • choose mostly audio tracks that can show defaults
  • remember that with some tracks, it is not the most enjoyable loudspeaker or correction that is the most neutral one

A few recommendations (I will add more soon) :

  • Suzan Vega, Tom’s diner : this should be very dry with less room and minimal reverberation
  • Tracy Chapman, Fast car : this song has a really wide and balanced frequency spread from 40 to 15000Hz so you can appreciate spectral balance (another song could be Jennifer Warnes, Bird on a wire)
  • Ricky Lee Jones, Ghetto of my mind : a very dynamic song where the drums are recorded with no (or minimal ?) compression. It has constantly more than 30dB between peaks and RMS mean value