First and only online acoustic measurement

“If you can not measure it, you cannot improve it” Lord Kelvin

For studios, mixing rooms, movie theaters and at home !

This website is under construction : all features are not finalised and you may encounter (very few) bugs !

In compensation, everything is free at the moment, so give it a try…

  • Easy method : no software to download and learn, just record your system with a microphone
  • Analysis of stereo and multichannel systems
  • A full set of graphs is calculated and gives a complete view to understand both room and loudspeakers and interaction between
  • All users get same kind of graphs so it is easy to compare different setups
  • MMM measurement is completed with other signals to check amplitude and phase for optimised corrections
  • MMM method is reputed to be stable and very representative of auditive perception
  • Unique features : localisation, in-room phase and group delay, precise time/frequency graph
  • Correction is calculated for your FIR processors
  • Hybrid correction separated for mid/ high frequencies and optimised for common mono signal at lower frequencies
  • Target correction is automatically calculated and optimised from your measurement

Start by looking at the All measurements page and compare performances of various systems..
Register to access the Upload recording where you can start with a free test. You just have to download and play the audio file and record with a microphone, preferably calibrated.

Depending on Chosen plan, calculated EQ corrections can be downloaded from My Measurements page.

At the moment, we have implemented measurements and correction for stereo and 5.1 multichannel systems but other audio system will be added, such as 7.1 or 9.1.4 Home Atmos.

First read the Howto procedure and find more detailed informations in the FAQs.