Why and how to register

  • Without registering, you are a visitor and you can see Measurements and read FAQ.
  • Registering is completely free and gives you member status and access to pages “Upload recording“, “My measurements” and “My profile“.
  • When registering, you will have to fill a field “Company or Title”. This will be the name of the main folder for all your measurements, images and subdirectories.  The folder structure will be : \title\studio\date\ with dates automatically added and “Studio or reference” being a field to complete when uploading a recording. Having dates helps you to check evolution of performances in time and see any degradation.
  • Please note that the field “Company or title”, can only be related to one user and cannot be used later by another user (unless they are from same company, then please ask us). You cannot use a company name for which you have no rights : your account may be terminated without notice.
  • Accepted are alphabets, numbers, underscore “_” and spaces (but no space at beginning or end and no consecutive spaces). Avoid accents or special characters in “Company or Title” and “Studio or reference”.
  • Do not forget to finalize registration by clicking on the link in the mail you’ll receive.
  • When you are registered, you can use the “Upload recording” form to test if your recording file is accepted and valid.
  • If everything is ok, you can buy a plan to get the full results