Test signal explained

The test track is a sequence of various signals that are choosen to permit all analysis seen on the graphs :

  • start sequence with synchronisation signal and identification frequency
  • log sine sweeps (Farina signal) for impulse responses, spectrograms, wavelets, distortion,…
  • short bursts for timing analysis
  • pink noises for MMM for independant channels and simultaneously. The pink noise is in conformity with SMPTE standard ST-2095-1, see also here : https://www.ohl.to/archives/395
  • if you set level so that the starting voice is at at reasonable level (like a person speaking in the room), the level of the sweeps will be near 75dBC, the pink noise per channel will be between 75 and 80dBC and the simultaneous pink noise on both channels between 80 and 85dBC.
  • at the end, there is another sync signal used to compensate for any mismatch between player and recorder clocks