From measurements to acoustic treatments

In the whole list of graphs, some are more usefull to check acoustic conditions :

Graph S5 in ESSENTIALS page shows RT60 reverberation time in the room which is high if the room is missing absorption. Another common problem is when the RT is really increasing in low frequencies, it means that absoprtion is too low in those frequencies, a problem that is sometimes not so easy to solve.

Graph S6 in ESSENTIALS page gives ETC Energy Time Curve, where you can see if some reflections within the first 20ms are happening. Remember that spund travels 34cm in 1ms, so you can figure where the annoying reflections come from.

Graphs S19 to S23 in ENERGY page, all show dissipation of energy with time but in different manners : spectrogram, waterfall and wavelets, which have various resolutions depending on frequency.

With those measurements, you have enough results to think about acoustic treatments, positions and balance of absorption/diffusion.