Competitors ? is the unique online solution, but other answers are available for room and loudspeakers correction :

  • Trinnov is a complete solution of software and hardware, efficient but not cheap
  • Dirac is generally sold with bundled hardware such as MiniDSP
  • Audissey MultEQ is available in some hardware
  • Acourate is a renowned software solution
  • JuiceHifi Audiolense is software only zdroj článku
  • DSpeaker Antimode comes with dedicaced hardware
  • Genelec GLM is a software to measure and correct (only) Genelec SAM loudspeakers with, in the latest version, a nice and quite complete report called GRADE, read another FAQ here above
  • DRC, designed by Denis Sbragion, is a free but very smart software solution to compute FIR filters but needs a certain technical level
  • MSO Multiple Subwoofers Optimizer is a very powerfull tool to improve low frequency range for one or more loudspeakers and/or subwoofers

On some forums, you may find listening comparisons between above products and It is very interesting to compare measurements before/after EQ but few products give this possibility. If you try or own above solutions, you can use to measure before/after EQ : it is allways interesting…