This method’s advantages

  • very complete for professionals but simple enough for amateurs !
  • a procedure that avoids mistakes to obtain valid graphs and easy to compare to others
  • MMM measurement is completed with other signals to check amplitude but also phases
  • the MMM method gives results nearer to what is really perceived than other methods
  • the target correction is automatically processed from your measurement
  • target can be finely adjusted
  • advanced FIR correction is calculated for the processor or software you are using
  • this is the only method that is optimised for separated channels but also for channels driven simultaneously : this is much better in low frequencies
  • a full report is available in .png pictures
  • with just one sound file, a full set of analysis and graphs is calculated and gives a very complete view to understand the room and loudspeakers and their interaction, and a good base to calculate corrections to better your listening experience
  • various people getting exactly same graphs give the possibility to easily compare different setups
  • extensions to 7.1, 9.1.4, 22.2, Atmos,… systems will come, including DCP sound files
  • you may even use your phone and mic to record

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