Mic calibration

If you have a calibration file, send it together with the recording in the version corresponding to your use (ie version at 90° if mic was used vertically, as recommended). If you have no calibrated mic, choose None/flat. The calibration file is the microphone response itself, not the correction !

For Umik, send the manufacturer cal file.The level reported in the graphs is calculated with the recommended 18dB gain of the Umik together with the sensitivity from calibration file (this is important for multichannel movie setups to be in conformity with SMPTE standards).

For “Other”, send a file named “calibration.txt” with first line at 0Hz and last line at 24000Hz, with a space between frequency and level such as :

0 -20
20 -0.1
1000 0
20000 0.1
24000 -20

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