Start with a short explanation

Read the procedure before jumping on measurements ;)

Hereunder is a short description of the whole procedure and you will find more detailed infos in FAQs.

Step 1 Register

Step 2 “Upload recording” page

  • Download test soundfile, choosing stereo or multichannel
  • Play the file in stereo on your loudspeakers and record simultaneously with your microphone.
  • Start recording and just after start playing : there is a 5s starting silence so you have time to get to the listening position
  • Follow instructions given by the voice of the soundfile
  • Fill the form and save, detailed instructions here
  • Upload your recording
  • If you have a mic calibration file, send it together with the recording

Step 3 Get your measurements

  • A few minutes after uploading your recording, your graphs will appear in All measurements  and also in My measurements
  • If  you have not yet bought a plan, you will only get a graph to check the validity of your recording